About Us

We are ex-employees of Google, IBM, HP and Fuji Xerox. While working at large organisations we realised that premium IT services were too expensive for small to medium size businesses (SMB). Being in business as a bread winner for the family we understood what a business owner goes through to survive in tough economic times. We teamed up to provide Intelligent services to SMB at fraction of retail cost as we have less overheads and work in the best interest of our customers. Our testimonials speak for itself and we pride in partnering with our client success.

While 86% of taxes are paid by small business owners in Australia it is a struggle to adapt to the changing technologies for SMB. Our mission is to provide Intelligent IT services to businesses to give them a fair go in the current economic times. It’s our good deed towards a better Australia.

Our services range from initial solutions across Android, Apple and Web platforms. To complete digital marketing solutions for organic growth and paid traffic. If you have a business, we have a solution to improve your current processes and reduce your operational costs.

While most of the IT companies in the market take months to deliver a solution, we implement it within weeks. You can also trial our services in a demo environment before you make any commitment. We are transparent and our proven technologies make sure you can relax while we build your systems. Consult with an expert to Fastrack your business growth now.